Option Waitlist

Eligibility for the waitlist

If you're unable to register for the option you want when you first register for Year 3 courses in June, and your Year 2 average is no more than 3% lower than the predetermined cutoff for that option, you may add yourself to the option waitlist (only add yourself to the waitlist for Finance or Accounting - you have access to switch yourself to any of the other options without cutoffs). 

It's possible to switch your option in Year 4, but since the priority for option switches goes to Year 3 students, space is often limited.

All option switch requests are subject to a rigorous evaluation of your academic performance, including:

  • your Year 2 winter session average
  • your average in quantitative COMM 29x courses (regardless of when you took them)
  • your grade(s) in any prerequisite courses for your preferred option (see list)

If successful, you may need to extend your BCom studies for additional terms to fulfill all requirements.

Registration from the waitlist

If it's possible to switch you to your option of choice, you will be registered in available sections of the required courses for that option and deregistered from any courses required for your former option. Everyone who adds themselves to the waitlist in July will be notified of their status in early August.

The waitlist and double options

If you're trying to complete a second option or register for courses in a second option, you will not be reviewed for an option switch. 

The option waitlist is now closed. 

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