COMM 436 - Information Systems Analysis and Design

Systems analysis and design is the process of determining information technology needs for a particular application and defining solutions for these needs. It is a crucial step in adapting IT for use in organizations. COMM 436 is intended to provide the student with knowledge and techniques required for conducting systems analysis. Such knowledge is useful not only to systems analysts but also to users of information systems and to management. The knowledge and skills you learn in the course are particularly suited for careers in management and IT consulting.

Main topics to be covered are:

  • the IS development process: concepts, main phases, activities, products, and roles.
  • business requirements analysis.
  • enterprise modeling, process modeling techniques, and other approaches.
  • issues in the implementation process of information systems.

Learning objectives

By taking this course, students will:

  • understand the process of analysis, design, and implementation of information systems.
  • learn methods, techniques, and related issues of systems analysis and design.
  • gain some hands-on experience in systems analysis and design.
  • learn what it takes to be a good consultant.

Prerequisite: COMM 335.

Course credits:

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