Program Requirements

While most of our students complete the general BCom program, an increasing number of students choose to pursue the Combined Major in Business and Computer Science program.

Regardless of your program, knowing your requirements early and drafting your course plan in advance will allow you the flexibility to engage in many of the co-curricular opportunities available to you. When reviewing the requirements, take careful note of when and at what year level you entered the program so that you're following the correct set.

Academic evaluations for continuation and promotion

Each year during the month of May, the Undergraduate Office (UGO) reviews your academic progress and calculates your winter session average based on all courses taken from September to April to determine if you have successfully completed (1) continuation requirements to remain in the program, and (2) course requirements for promotion to the next year level. If your winter session average falls below 60% at any year level, you will be considered to have failed the year and will be required to discontinue your studies at UBC for a period of at least one year. Decimals are not rounded (i.e., a winter session average of 59.9% would be a failed year).

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