COMM 468 - Marketing Applications

This is an applied-learning, directed-studies course intended to serve as the capstone experience of students’ marketing education at Sauder. Student teams will be expected to work independently to create a professional marketing plan for a real corporate client. To meet this expectation and to achieve success in the course, students will need to be extremely diligent in effectively managing timelines, tasks, learning activities, and project work. The course will be delivered via:

  • lectures scheduled during the early weeks of the course.
  • weekly team meetings with the instructor for learning and coaching.
  • individual and team assignments.
  • formal written and oral presentations of a comprehensive marketing plan for a client.

Learning objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will have the knowledge and skills to:

  • research and analyze an organization and its industry, competitors, and consumers.
  • through research and analysis, define marketing objectives and create a strategic marketing plan to achieve them.
  • work with an external client: manage a project from start to finish; communicate issues, progress, and recommendations; and meet deadlines and budgets.

This course will also develop students’ professional skills: working in a team; researching, analyzing, and making decisions with imperfect information; and business writing, communication, and presentation skills.

Note: Three of the six credits from COMM 466 may be used to satisfy the COMM 468 requirement for the Marketing option. Students may take both COMM 466 and COMM 468 for credit.

Prerequisite: All of COMM 362, COMM 363, COMM 365.

Course credits:

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