COMM 363 - Marketing Analysis

Comm 363 is a unique course within Sauder and the marketing division, in that we focus only on case analysis and a marketing simulation game. There are no textbooks or weekly text readings. Each week, we will discuss a business case in which you’ll learn about a different topic in marketing. Each week, you’ll have a chance to practice your own ideas about how to implement marketing strategy by playing a marketing simulation game. Marketing strategy is a critical component of your marketing education. The most effective way for you to learn how to develop strategy is to try it. This course focuses on analyses to support marketing decisions and aid in developing marketing strategy. In this course, we perform behavioural, financial, and numerical analysis and examine the application of these analyses to business decisions. The viewpoint in this course is that of the marketing professional or the analyst advising the marketing manager.

Learning objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will have the knowledge and skills to:

  • facilitate integration and application of concepts from different business courses in marketing decision-making and planning.
  • develop analytical and decision-making abilities by analyzing actual marketing decision situations and making recommendations.
  • improve understanding of the role and problems faced by a marketing professional.
  • develop communication and teamwork skills through case discussion, case writing, and group decision-making.

Prerequisite: COMM 296.

Course credits:

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