UGO Student Experience Grants

We're committed to ensuring that you make the most of your student experience. Funding is available to support you in professional skill development and creation of student-led initiatives.

  • Eligible experiences
  • Past recipients
  • Application process
Eligible experiences

UGO Student Experience Grants are available to current BCom students in good academic standing to offset expenses for a variety of experiences, including but not limited to:

Participate in a volunteer or service learning program
Compete in a case competition
Attend a conference
Complete a certification or designation
Take a course not offered at UBC to develop your technical skills
Organize a new event, program, or service that benefits other BCom students

Past recipients

Unsure about what kinds of experiences to pursue? Here's how a few past recipients used their grants to develop their professional skills and enhance their learning.

Sahas Duggirala
5th year Finance
Sahas received $500 to complete his CFA Level 1 exam
Clara Chu
5th year Business & Computer Science
Clara received $350 to attend the Grace Hopper Conference for women in tech
James Lau
5th year Marketing
James received $500 to complete a Brainstation Web Development course

Application process

Submit the online application by the deadlines stated. All applicants will be notified no later than October 17, 2018 for Term 1 funding, and February 13, 2019 for Term 2 funding. Successful applicants will be required to submit a letter of impact outlining the skills they developed through the funded experience.

If granted funding, individual applicants and student-led initiatives are not permitted to apply for funding again for a minimum of three academic years. For example, if funding is granted in the 2018-2019 year, an application for the same student or initiative will not be considered again until the 2021-2022 academic year. 

Academic concession will not be provided for any student who misses coursework or exams due to any of the funded experiences.

Questions? Contact us

If you have questions about UGO Student Experience Grants, please contact Lauren Venema, Student Engagement Advisor, UBC Sauder Undergraduate Office.

Other available sources of funding

You may also be eligible for one or more of the following sources of funding at UBC. Consider applying for the grants that are most applicable to your individual or group need:

CUS External Conferences (ExCO)

Funding for BCom students competing in a case competition or attending a conference.

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UBC’s Global Fund

Apply for grants up to $2000 for student-led initiatives with an international or intercultural focus.

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AMS Funds

The AMS provides additional funding for club events, student initiatives, sexual assault awareness, sustainability, and more. The Innovative Project Fund in particular supports UBC students, faculty, and staff working on projects that benefit a significant number of students, developing campus community.

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Walter Gage Memorial Fund

The fund supports student individual or group projects and activities that are of broad interest to students and enhance the reputation of UBC.

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CCEL Grants for Community Projects

Funding for student initiatives in partnership with a local non-profit or community organization.

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