Scholarships and funding

Gain financial support to help you pay for your studies and fund your own projects and initiatives.

Scholarships and awards

In addition to entrance scholarships, there are many other scholarships and awards available to you as a student in the BCom program. 

By application awards

Many awards available by application are granted at the start of the school year to recognize academic achievement in your previous year of studies. Non-academic factors such as leadership, community involvement, or financial need may also be included in individual award criteria.

Review the list of available awards for the 2017 Winter Session, eligibility requirements, and application instructions below. With the exception of two awards for new students, eligibility is limited to continuing students (students who were enrolled in the UBC Sauder BCom program during the 2016 Winter Session). 

The deadline for awards by application for the 2017 Winter Session is September 18, 2017 at 4:00pm.

List of available awards by application (2017W)

Award eligibility and application instructions (2017W)

Award application cover page

Award application budget worksheet


Merit-based awards

Merit-based awards are generally awarded at the start of the academic year and are based on academic achievement.

Year-end awards

Year-end prizes are awarded to recognize academics and achievement during a particular school year.

External awards

External awards based on various criteria are available are available to BCom students as well as the public at large.

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Your Enrolment Services Professional

Your Enrolment Services Professional (ESP) can help you with questions about your finances. Contact your ESP for personalized, confidential support. Find your ESP's contact information on the Student Service Centre under Personal Info > UBC Contacts.

Source: 2016 Academic Experience Survey Report.
*Exception: This figure comes from 2015 Report as it was not available in 2016 Report.

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