International Business

International Business has become a catch-phrase for any business activity that crosses national and international borders. With rapid globalization, both private and public businesses find themselves faced with international, linguistic and cultural challenges. 

Am I the right fit for this option?

If you’re interested in learning about new cultures and different languages, you will thrive in the International Business (IB) option. It’s a great way to challenge preconceived notions and critically evaluate yourself and your environment.

International Business option requirements

International Business is completed as a double option. You need to first register in one of the other ten options as your primary specialization and submit an application to be admitted to IB as your secondary option. The IB language and international studies requirements will count towards your elective credits. Double counting between your primary option and IB is not permitted. A maximum of six credits may be double counted between IB and a minor.

COMM 498International Business                                                         

Minimum of 12 credits of language studies (in one language1), of which six credits must be at the 300/400 level, OR 18 credits of lower-level or combination of lower and upper-level language studies (in one language).

IB acceptable language course list  

Students completing Chinese, Cantonese or Japanese as their IB language should refer to the Asian Studies course renumbering document for changes to course numbers as of 2016 Summer.

Asian Studies course renumbering  

Six credits of internationally oriented courses, such as Commerce, History, Political Science, Geography, Sociology, Asian Studies, Economics, etc. At least three credits should focus on your world region while three can be broad in focus.
Participation in a Commerce approved international exchange or study abroad program. You must be away for a minimum of five weeks, completing at least six credits. The UBC Sauder School of Business has exchange partnerships with 69 business schools in 30 countries, and you can also choose to apply for university-wide exchanges to over 200 partner universities2.
1 Your language of study must be one in which you are not already fluent.
2 You cannot go “home” for your international experience unless you have lived outside that country since at least the fall of Grade 8. 

Application deadline

You must apply for the International Business option during Year 2. Year 3 transfer students may apply in Year 3. 

Submit your IB application to by February 28 at 4:00pm. Upon approval of your study plan, we will add the IB designation to your academic record.

International Business application  

Careers in International Business

With rapid globalization of marketplaces, businesses find themselves faced with international, linguistic and cross-cultural challenges. In combining business, language and international studies with a study abroad opportunity, you will enter the workforce with exposure to, and knowledge of, the international environment.

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