Completing the Finance option will provide you with the professional competencies required to enter financial management positions in business enterprises, investment management and services organizations, banking, financial institutions, or government agencies concerned with private finance.

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Areas of study in finance include:

  • corporate finance - the management of the assets and liabilities of a publicly-owned business enterprise
  • securities and investment management - the analysis and management of financial assets using modern portfolio theories
  • money and banking - the workings of Canadian capital markets and the financial institutions that operate in those markets
  • international finance - the workings of international capital markets and special skills required to manage corporate assets and liabilities in an international environment.

Because the program is competitive, you should be able to demonstrate the ability to do well in the core courses in this area. If you have less than a 65% standing in COMM 190 (formerly COMM 290), COMM 191 (formerly COMM 291), COMM 293, COMM 294, COMM 295, COMM 298 we advise you not to pursue the Finance option (see eligibility criteria).

Finance option course requirements

Year 3
COMM 370Corporate Finance (Term 1)
COMM 371Investment Theory (Term 1)
COMM 374Applied Financial Markets (Term 2)
Year 4
Six credits from the following courses:
COMM 376Financial Institutions I
COMM 377International Financial Markets and Institutions
COMM 4701Venture Capital
COMM 4712Mergers and Acquisitions
COMM 474Fixed Income Markets & Management
COMM 475Investment Policy
COMM 477
Risk Management & Financial Engineering
COMM 4793Advanced Topics in Corporate Finance
Advanced Topics in Investment Management
COMM 486TFinTech
1 Formerly numbered COMM 386G and titled Venture Capital and Angel Financing. COMM 470 may be used to fulfill requirements toward either the Entrepreneurship or Finance option, but not both.
2 Formerly titled Financial Management.
3 Formerly numbered COMM 486Q.

Other Finance courses which may be taken as electives

COMM 271Introduction to Capital Markets
COMM 375Behavioral Finance (formerly COMM 386O)
COMM 387Entrepreneurial Finance and Private Equity
COMM 486KProject Finance

CFA University Affiliation Program Partner

The UBC Sauder School of Business is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) University Affiliation Program Partner, an internationally recognized designation certifying that the UBC Sauder BCom meets the CFA Program Candidate Body of Knowledge.

As a CFA Program Partner, UBC Sauder gives its students the edge they need in pursuing this professional designation and careers in positions as financial analysts, portfolio managers, and investment advisors. To learn more and for questions, visit the CFA Institute.

Careers in Finance

From social impact investing to investment banking, corporate finance, financial planning and more, an option in Finance equips you with the skills and knowledge to help individuals and organizations reach their unique financial goals.

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