COMM 479 - Advanced Topics in Corporate Finance (formerly COMM 486Q)

Corporate Finance refers to the process by which corporations raise money from the capital markets, allocate those resources to the real assets employed by the corporation and manage the flow of funds from the corporation back to the investors. The topics in this course will vary according to the interests of the students, the instructors and with developments in the field of corporate finance. 

Learning objectives

The main goal of the course is to study topics and research findings that have not been covered elsewhere in the finance curriculum. This will be done through lectures, discussions of newspaper and journal articles, case studies and real-world examples. We expect this course to prepare students to: 

  • Understand the basics of corporate investment decisions including;
    • How to compute the cost of capital for an investment,
    • How to account for the costs and benefits of debt and equity financing,
    • How to account for the real options embedded in investment opportunities.
  • Understand the legal, strategic and valuation consequences of financial distress.

Corequisite: All of COMM 370, COMM 371

Course credits:

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