COMM 324 - People Analytics

This course introduces students to analytics and data management in the Human Resources (HR) field. Given the increasing significance of and the interest in data-driven decision-making in organizations, this hands-on course
will equip students with the analytical skills to understand, evaluate, and address strategic HR/People decisions. As such, students will learn how to apply descriptive statistics and the statistical inference to decisions in core HR
areas, including recruitment, selection, compensation, training, and performance management using organizations’ HR data and human capital metrics collected from employee surveys. Students will use data and
statistical tools to evaluate and make recommendations for HR policies and practices, while connecting these analyses to the business strategies and goals..

Learning objectives

Upon completing this course, students will be able to:

  • identify relevant data and metrics appropriate for solving HR problems and making informed decisions in the field of HRM.
  • utilize R to manage and prepare large personnel and employee datasets for statistical analysis.
  • apply statistical analysis to contextualize and inform HR solutions.
  • identify and evaluate the limitations of data analysis towards ensuring responsible decision-making.
  • accurately interpret and effectively communicate HR analytic results so they can be used in actionable decisions.
  • explain the basics of Machine Learning and its applications in HRM (Human Resources Management).
  • assess the advantages and disadvantages of AI and Machine Learning in HR decisions.

Note: Formerly numbered COMM 386H and titled HR Analytics: Data Metrics for HR Professionals. If you've completed the course as COMM 386H, you are not permitted to take it again as COMM 324 (you cannot receive credit for the same course twice).

Prerequisite: All of COMM 191 (formerly numbered as COMM 291), COMM 203, and COMM 205.

Course credits:

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