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Vocaprep is a premium online consulting interview preparation platform that will guide you through the process of applying for, interviewing at, and landing your dream job. Created by consultants and interviewers from top organizations with inside knowledge, Vocaprep offers a range of resources to help you prepare for and excel at case interviews.

As a UBC Sauder student, you get free access to Vocaprep!

Vocaprep offers:

  • Video courses with 10 classes, quizzes and 90+ lessons, accessible through a designated user dashboard
  • A growing library of resources including filmed cases, podcasts and blog articles
  • Complementary coaching
  • Downloadable study book, worksheets and practice cases
  • NEW courses on alternative interview formats (group, written, phone, etc.) and non-consulting interviews (in Big Tech, retail, etc.)

Video courses are taught by Mike Ross, co-founder of Vocaprep and a former McKinsey consultant, who has helped hundreds of applicants prepare for interviews and taught case prep to working professionals.

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How to access

Contact a Career Manager to let them know you are interested in using Vocaprep. They will submit a request on your behalf. Once your request has been submitted, you will receive an email from Vocaprep with a unique invitation link.

Vocaprep help

If you have questions and concerns about Vocaprep, please email contact@vocaprep.com.

Interview Skills Toolkit

The Hari B. Varshney Business Career Centre has designed a career toolkit to help you prepare for job interviews. Download the Interview Skills Toolkit to learn how to craft an impactful pitch and discover strategies to approach different types of interviews.

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