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Through the Hari B. Varshney Business Career Centre (BCC), all UBC Sauder BCom students have access to a team of dedicated and knowledgeable Career Managers.

This team offers a variety of coaching and advising appointments you can book to get personalized, 1:1 support. 

Your Career Managers will work alongside you throughout your degree to help you take action and thrive in both your personal and professional life.

Meet your BCom Career Managers

Nanette Anzola

Career Strategist, BCom Careers | nanette.anzola@sauder.ubc.ca

About Nanette: I grew up in Venezuela and came to Vancouver in 2017 to complete an MBA at UBC Sauder School of Business. After working for many years in marketing, finance, and innovation across different industries and geographies, I am back at UBC Sauder to support students in reaching their career goals.

Best piece of career advice Nanette ever received: "If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try" - Seth Godin

Michael Clarke

Associate Director, BCom Careers & Work Integrated Learning | michael.clarke@sauder.ubc.ca

About Michael: I joined the Sauder School of Business in September 2015, bringing over 10 years of experience in facilitating and coordinating career exploration and job search programs. I continue to look for ways to empower individuals in their choices while they are looking to explore their options, transition into opportunities, and succeed in chosen career paths.

Best piece of career advice Michael ever received: First, find a place that likes you for who you are! Secondly, understand that regardless of your career path, you must prepare yourself to deal with ambiguity, uncertainty, and change. 

Fun fact: For over two years I had the opportunity to travel the world while working on cruise ships! 

David Edwards

Manager, BCom Careers | david.edwards@sauder.ubc.ca

About David: I graduated from the University of Victoria with a BSc in Geoscience, before working in mining exploration, aerial survey, IT, and satellite imagery. I went on to complete my MA in Counselling Psychology here at UBC, where my research focus was in employment transitions and the changing context of work.

Best piece of career advice David ever received: Follow your heart, but don’t forget your head.

Fun fact: I’ve spent a lot of time living in a tent in the Yukon.

Jesse Grimaldi

Manager, BCom Careers | jesse.grimaldi@sauder.ubc.ca

About Jesse: As a Certified Organizational Coach, my work history includes providing professional coaching services to students and business professionals at all stages of their careers. I have a social science background (BA Criminology, MA Sociology), and have worked in all sectors including public, private, and non-profit with prior experience as a recruiter and consultant for an HR management firm.  

Best piece of career advice Jesse ever received: Work is work. If you find a job where you are able to help others and make a difference, work will still be work but it will be much more fulfilling. 

Fun fact: My childhood career goal was to play in the NBA.

Hatinder Hari

Manager, BCom Careers | hatinder.hari@sauder.ubc.ca

About Hatinder: Although my background includes working in Marketing and Sales, my real passion has always been working with students to provide career coaching. I have worked in career services in England and Canada, and at some of the most competitive universities in the world where I was often involved in recruiting students with academic potential, who faced additional barriers to progressing to university.

Best piece of career advice Hatinder ever received: "The future depends on what you do today." - Mahatma Gandhi

Fun fact: I enjoy background acting - look out for me on Season 5 of Prison Break!

How do you book an appointment with a BCom Career Manager?

To make a 1:1 appointment with a BCom Career Manager, take the following steps:

  1. Log into COOL using your CWL
  2. Click on the “Coaching & Calendar” tab and click “Coaching Appointment”
  3. Click “Request a Coaching Appointment”
  4. Select the type of coaching appointment you would like to book
  5. Select "Virtual Coaching Appointment" as your location for virtual appointments or "Business Career Centre" for in-person appointments
  6. Select "Check Availability" 
  7. Once you select a date and time that works for you, fill in the required fields and click “Submit Request”

Log into COOL 

Need more instructions on booking appointments?

Download the PDF: How to Book a Coaching Appointment on COOL

If you have any issues making an appointment or have further questions, contact the Business Career Center at 604.822.6479 or careercentre@sauder.ubc.ca. If you're calling from out of town, our toll-free number is 1.877.777.6479.

How Career Managers Help

"The Career Managers at Sauder provided me with the support and confidence I needed to kick-start my career. The one-on-one coaching appointments allowed for a tailored experience where they continuously worked alongside me to help tackle whatever career-related obstacles I was facing. With the support through follow ups, resources, and connections, I knew they cared about me both as a student and as a future business leader." - Cheryl Y., OBHR Student

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