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VMock is an online tool designed to provide you with instant feedback on your resume. Used by millions of job-seekers around the world, the VMock platform uses data science, machine learning, and predictive analytics to immediately assess your resume’s impact and content.

Get immediate feedback on your resume by simply uploading your resume in .pdf format to VMock.

Once you receive detailed feedback from the VMock platform, make relevant changes to your resume and re-upload it to see how you have improved. As a UBC Sauder student, you have access to 10 free VMock resume uploads per academic year. This gives you plenty of chances to make the right improvements.

Key features of VMock:

  • Gives you an aggregate resume score to see where you are in relation to UBC Sauder resume standards
  • Provides you with resume guidelines to ensure that you do not miss the fine details
  • Assesses your core competencies to ensure that your right skillsets are reflected
  • Gives you line-by-line suggestions to strengthen your accomplishment statements

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Resume Toolkit

VMock is just one tool to help you stand out with your resume. The Hari B. Varshney Business Career Centre has designed a Resume Toolkit to help you make the right impression with employers. Download the toolkit to learn how to land your resume in the "yes" pile.

Access the Resume Toolkit

Why Use VMock?

"VMock was an incredibly helpful tool that benchmarked my resume against other Sauder students' to make sure I had a well-rounded and appealing resume. From noting that I didn't have enough leadership competencies, to suggesting how I could fix the overall presentation of my resume, VMock gave me very specific feedback within seconds. This was especially helpful in second year when I started applying for jobs and wanted to make sure I was sending employers a competitive resume." - Jennifer T., Marketing Student

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