Personal brand

Online presence and LinkedIn

More and more recruiters are using social media as part of their screening process. Have you Googled yourself lately? Get control over your online presence and use it to your advantage.

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The average resume is read in 10 seconds. Consistency, relevance, use of verbs, the amount of white space – learn the best practices in building a highly readable and effective resume.

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Cover letters

This is your chance to tell your story and impress the hiring manager. Learn how to open with a hook, convey enthusiasm and communicate “fit” with a splash of personality – and get that interview!

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Interviewing is a learned skill, and practice makes perfect. Learn ways to prepare for common interview questions, tips on structuring your answers and insights into your body language.

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Your business reputation starts now. As a young professional transitioning from school into the workforce, the way you dress, communicate, and interact with others all contribute to your business reputation. Read our tips to help you succeed!

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