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Learning modules are restricted to registered BCom students. When you select a module, you will be directed to a CWL authentication screen within your browser. Once you have entered your CWL login name and password, you will be granted access to the module for your current browsing session.

Building effective presentations

Whether you're pitching to a potential client or presenting to a class of your peers, your well-planned and thoughtfully executed presentation is your team's very first opportunity to exhibit your competence and creativity. Learn how to create and deliver effective presentations.

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Working in teams

High-performance, breakthrough teams are changing the landscape of the business world as we speak. It is now more crucial than ever to develop effective teamwork skills. This module is designed to get you started towards becoming a successful team at UBC Sauder.

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Modelling using Excel

Learn how to use Excel to turn data into meaningful information with a tool developed by a current McKinsey & Co. consultant.

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