Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) are hour-long group study sessions led by an upper-year student, which offer a collaborative environment for extra revision where no grades are taken. Each session will cover material from the previous week(s) in a manner that focuses on building an understanding of course concepts and developing effective study skills.  Larger sessions will be scheduled prior to midterm and final exams.

Topics for upcoming sessions and registration can be found in each course’s Canvas Calendar.

Term 1 course partnerships

  • Y1 BCom: Math 104 (sections 101, 102, 104, 109), Math 184 (sections 101, 102, 105), COMM 290
  • Y2 BCom: COMM 293, COMM 298
  • B+MM: COMM 320
  • MBA/MM: BAAC 550, BAPA 550
  • Other: COMM 473 (COMM minor)

Term 2 course partnerships

  • Y1 BCom: COMM 291
  • Y2 BCom: [COMM 294 – TBD], [COMM 298 – TBD]
  • B+MM: COMM 320

Check Canvas for session times and topics, and to register for upcoming sessions.

How to make the most of PASS

PASS is a compliment to attending lecture, TA review sessions, and office hours. Leaders will review specific topics each week, but a basic understanding is expected from students.

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