Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

Term 1: COMM 290, COMM 293, COMM 298

Term 2: COMM 291, COMM 294, COMM 298

Peer Assisted Study Sessions are highly interactive, 60 minute, small group sessions (3-12 people) that help students develop deeper knowledge of course content and practice effective, discipline-specific study strategies.

Sessions are led by upper-year BCom students and are planned in consultation with course instructors and TA’s.  Content is typically based on the previous week’s lecture material, but is flexible based on attendees’ needs.

Check Canvas for session times and topics, and to register for upcoming sessions.

How to make the most of PASS

PASS is a compliment to attending lecture, TA review sessions, and office hours. Leaders will review specific topics each week, but a basic understanding is expected from students.

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