Registering for your option

When to register for your option

You are required to select your option when you register for your Year 3 courses. Your registration date is determined by your previous winter session average (courses taken from September to April). The higher your average, the earlier your registration date and time will be and the better your chances to select both your first choice of option, and the courses and sections in which you want to register. In early June you will receive an email from UBC Enrolment Services to notify you when your specific registration date and time are posted on the Student Service Centre.

How to register for your option

When your registration opens:

  1. log in to the Student Service Centre.
  2. navigate to the Course Schedule under Registration.
  3. select Browse on the top menu and choose Specializations from the dropdown list.
  4. select BCom from the list of degree programs.
  5. from the list of BCom specializations, choose your option and click on the Add Spec button.

Option prerequisites

You must complete all Year 2 prerequisite courses to be able to register in option courses. To be officially in an option and promotable to Year 4, you must register yourself in at least two of the required third year courses for that option. You can be officially registered in one option only. 

Option cutoffs

Finance and Accounting are both competitive options for which demand exceeds capacity. Once the courses required for an option have filled, we will close registration for the option. The cut-off for an option is the previous winter session average of the last student to register themself in the required option courses. We anticipate that for students entering Year 3 in 2021W, the cut-off averages will be 76% for Finance and 68% for Accounting.

If you did not achieve the cut-off average, but were within 3% of it, register yourself in your second choice and then add yourself to the option waitlist for your first choice. We will accommodate requests from the waitlist, in order from the highest average, if space permits. Cutoff averages may change for subsequent sessions depending on course availability and demand.

Registering for your option video

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This recording summarizes available options, resources to help you select your option, instructions for how to declare your option, and additional opportunities to explore in Years 3 and 4. 

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