COMR 398 - Introduction to Business Processes and Operations (formerly COMM 398)

Logistics and Operations Management (LOM) issues are important in all organizations that deliver services or goods. These issues usually have a profound impact on the bottom line and success of each organization. This course will show that these issues need to be given adequate attention in the organization, and if they are down played or overlooked, there is a high risk for detrimental effects on profitability, service levels, customer retention and delivery of quality. Due to the broad nature of the subject it is important to educate professionals with a proper understanding of these issues. The primary objective of this course is to provide the students with an introduction to LOM. The main topics covered are: Operations Strategy, Processes in Manufacturing and Services, Quality Management, Forecasting, Scheduling, Inventory Management, Sales and Operations Planning, Business Logistics, selected issues in Supply Chain Management and Team work Emotional Intelligence.

Learning objectives

Students will learn selected analytical tools used in each of these categories and apply them to problems through assignments, case work and in class exercises. The skills that students will develop in this course are relevant for all students interested in business. In assigned problems and case situations students will:

  • identify and describe and justify the category of operations management problem to be solved.
  • apply critical thinking skills to select and justify the appropriate tool(s) to solve the problem.
  • apply the tools correctly, and describe the implications of the solution from a cost and or operations management perspective.
  • develop selected aspects of the student’s emotional intelligence to assist in team work.

Note: This course is part of the Minor in Commerce program for students attending Faculties outside of the UBC Sauder School of Business. See your home faculty for admission requirements and program details. Not for students with credit for, or exemption from, COMM 204.

Starting in 2020S, the course code for all courses required for the Minor in Commerce will be COMR. This change was made to distinguish Commerce courses taken for the minor from courses taken for the BCom program. This is an administrative change only; course content remains the same. COMM 398 and COMR 398 are equivalent; credit will be granted for only one of the two.

Course credits:

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