COMM 487 - Environmental Management

In a business context, environmental management describes the set of tasks related to developing, implementing and monitoring the firm's environmental strategy. This course is about formulating corporate environmental strategy in a world characterized by unprecedented environmental challenges such as climate change, air and water pollution, water scarcity, health risks, as well as the challenges posed by resource depletion and the increasing need to change from carbon-based energy sources to renewable energy sources. To explore the role of an "environmental manager" in a firm and understand corporate environmental strategy, this course explores economic principles underlying environmental policy, environmental law, and the environmental technologies that facilitate pollution prevention and pollution abatement. Theoretical analysis is complemented by an exploration of practical tools that include environmental management systems (EMS), ISO 14001 certification, environmental marketing and eco-labeling, and life-cycle analysis. Small case studies augment the discussion by focusing on conceptual issues as well as individual BC-based ventures, particularly those in the renewable-energy sector.

Credit will be granted for only one of COMM 487, COMM 597. 

Note: COMM 487 will not be offered in 2024W.

Course credits:

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