COMM 486Q - Advanced Topics in Corporate Finance

Corporate finance refers to the process by which corporations raise money from the capital markets, allocate those resources to the real assets employed by the corporation, and manage the flow of funds from the corporation back to investors. Topics in the course will be influenced by the interests of the students and the instructor, and aligned to current practices and changes in the field of corporate finance.

Learning objectives

The main goal of the course is to study topics and research findings that have not been covered elsewhere in the Finance curriculum. This will be done through review and discussion of case studies, journal articles, and real-world examples. Specific learning objectives will include:

  • understanding the economics of financial distress and renegotiation.
  • understanding the economics of initial public offerings and seasoned equity offerings.
  • being able to evaluate real options available to corporations.
  • understanding corporate governance and executive compensation.

Prerequisite: COMM 370.

Course credits:

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