COMM 484 - Sustainability Marketing

This course integrates commercial marketing fundamentals with the core environmental, social, and economic principles of sustainability. Consumer awareness of sustainability issues has evolved from an emerging social movement to mainstream values, and marketing strategy plays an important role in a business’ ability to respond to these issues in a genuine manner.

In this course, students analyze current sustainability trends that influence marketing applications and develop strategic and practical marketing recommendations. The full potential and the pitfalls of sustainability marketing from a for-profit perspective will be explored and discussed using relevant readings, current media, real-world examples, and an applied project.

Learning objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will have the knowledge and skills to:

  • interpret the history and current global trends in sustainability marketing.
  • use a variety of frameworks for analyzing competitive advantages and risks associated with sustainability marketing and for evaluating opportunities and strategies.
  • apply segmentation methods to identify and target markets suitable for sustainability marketing.
  • develop holistic sustainability marketing programs, including decisions on positioning, branding, marketing mix, and monitoring/measurement.
  • evaluate external partnerships, such as strategic alliances and third-party verification, in relation to achieving a company’s sustainability goals.
  • work effectively with an external client, including negotiating deliverables and communicating issues, progress, and recommendations.

Note: COMM 484 was formerly numbered COMM 486F. The two courses are equivalent. You may only receive credit for one, not both.

Course credits:

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