COMM 467 - Brand Management

Brand management is a fundamental element of competitive strategy. This course is intended for those interested in learning how brands are managed as strategic assets. In addition to those pursuing a career in marketing, the course will also be of interest to those pursuing careers in strategy consulting and investment banking. The course uses cases and project work to familiarize students with the issues and challenges commonly faced by brand managers. Topics include assessing brand meaning, brand positioning, evaluating brand extensions, assessing brand strength, assessing brand profitability, defending premier brands, repositioning mature brands, and building brands via non-traditional media (e.g., social media).

Learning objectives

The course has been developed with the input of brand managers to achieve three objectives:

  1. Expose students to the situations and challenges typically encountered by brand managers.
  2. Expose students to the concepts and tools commonly used by brand managers.
  3. Develop students' conceptual, analytical, and decision-making skills.

In summary, the course is intended to be practical and is focused on developing your ability as a manager and decision maker.

Prerequisite: COMM 296.

Course credits:

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