COMM 461 - Business Development

This course prepares you to integrate your training in marketing with a critical layer of sales and business development theories and its managerial implications for an organization. You’ll have the opportunity to incorporate what you know about marketing to sales leadership and consider how an organization formulates and implements a sales program. To be successful in marketing, it is necessary to spend some time in sales. We will partner with a world class sales organization to learn effective sales methodologies, how to develop a sales process, and deliver a professional sales presentation.

Sales leaders are critical to the success of their businesses. Great sales leaders perform many roles outside of traditional management including: people manager, coach, decision maker, leader, strategist, tactician, data analyst, organizer, personnel specialist (trainer, motivator) partner, parent (!). 

Learning objectives

Being an effective sales leader prepares you to work at many levels within an organization. By having an understanding of modern sales techniques, how to create a sales process that works for you and your business, and how to apply effective sales leadership concepts you’ll be well positioned as you approach your job search and able to be more flexible as you move within an organization. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Apply working knowledge of sales leadership concepts by making decisions and conducting sales (management) planning to solve real and simulated problems.
  • Assess business situations linking key sales and sales leadership concepts and diagnosing the effectiveness of decisions using a variety of frameworks e.g., market and client profiling, financial analyses.
  • Understand the problems that are encountered/managed by the sales function and sales leaders. Make recommendations as to how the situations could be managed more effectively.
  • Develop your communication and teamwork skills through sales presentations, team teaching, case discussions, case writing, and group decision-making.

Learn how to have an effective sales conversation (including a detailed analysis of client needs, expectations, and objectives with a strategic plan to meet these).

Note: COMM 461 was formerly titled Sales Management.

Prerequisite: COMM 296.

Course credits:

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