COMM 460 - Social and Nonprofit Marketing

This course explores the core principles of marketing within the context of social and environmental causes including healthcare, sustainability, public safety and human rights. Fundamental marketing strategies are reinforced as they relate to: 1) non-profits, 2) social marketing designed to change laws and/or society’s behaviour and 3) cause-related-marketing within the corporate sector.

We will discuss how brands compete in an environment full of choices and effective tactics they employ as the public becomes increasingly demanding of positive impact beyond profits. Students will learn how to think critically and creatively about building, sustaining, measuring and defending purposeful brands in today’s charged environment.

Referencing current locally and internationally acclaimed campaigns, students will participate in lively discussions about how to raise awareness about important causes, turn empathy into action, drive positive impact and improve bottom line results for non-profits, corporations and government organizations.

Learning objectives

By the end of this course, students will be able to do the following:

  1. Understand fundamental marketing strategy within the context of social & environmental causes.
  2. Evaluate tactics to most effectively achieve a brand’s mission or purpose.
  3. Identify factors to help maximize awareness and inspire action.
  4. Apply criteria for building win-win partnerships between the corporate and non-profit sectors
Course credits:

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