COMM 460 - Social and Nonprofit Marketing

This course explores the role of marketing and communications as essential strategic functions within an effective nonprofit organization. Fundamental marketing concepts and strategies are reinforced as they relate specifically to: 1) non-profits, 2) social marketing designed to change society’s behaviour and 3) cause-related-marketing within the corporate sector.

While all key marketing principles are reinforced, the focus of this course is learning how to develop compelling marketing communications using a variety of cost effective channels – including traditional paid advertising, digital/social media and earned media. Not only will students learn how to raise awareness, but also to persuade target audiences to take real action. Referencing locally and internationally acclaimed campaigns, students will participate in lively discussions about marketing strategy and innovative tactics to achieve objectives with limited budgets and time.

Topics will include nonprofit strategic planning, research, the 4P’s of marketing (with emphasis on the promotional mix), direct mail, fundraising, special events, social and cause-related marketing. All of these topics will allow students to practice how to more purposely unleash the power of marketing and communications to turn empathy into action.

Learning objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will have the knowledge and skills to:

  1. To understand the fundamentals of marketing strategy within the context of a nonprofit organization.
  2. To evaluate marketing & communications tactics in order to most effectively achieve a nonprofit’s mission.
  3. To identify key success factors for developing engaging campaigns that will help build awareness and inspire action.
  4. To understand criteria for building win-win partnerships between nonprofits and the corporate sector.
Course credits:

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