COMM 388 - Design Methods for Business Innovation

As the business environment becomes more unpredictable, organizations will demand leaders who are capable of making the most of the opportunity. Leadership will increasingly mean being comfortable managing and motivating diverse teams of creative people. Truly innovative, disruptive technologies and processes will be needed to address the world’s problems. The course will challenge teams of students to deliver real-world solutions that create economic, social, and environmental value using strategic design. The course provides students with a strategic design process and techniques tool-kit. Design tools and processes, used for decades in industry and manufacturing, offer proven, alternative approaches for managing today’s most challenging business problems. Part creative ideation, part critical analysis, and part innovative thinking for new ways of using existing information and systems, design processes and thinking strategies will become an essential tool for doing business better.

Learning objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will have the knowledge and skills to:

  • articulate a role for design in business and innovation: design process and thinking strategies in a post-carbon economy.
  • use design strategies, methods and tools effectively in a sustainable business context.
  • present and critique innovative business ideas.
  • integrate critical and creative thinking processes.
  • work effectively in teams in a studio practice environment.

Note: COMM 388 was formerly titled Design Strategies for Business Innovation: Studio Practice.

Course credits:

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