COMM 386G - Venture Capital and Angel Financing

This course covers the funding process of early stage high-growth companies, from seed funding to venture capital rounds to a successful exit. The course will concentrate on how entrepreneurs and investors make and should make important decisions. Examples of issues covered include:

  • How can entrepreneurs raise funding successfully?
  • What are typical mistakes entrepreneurs make in raising capital and negotiating with investors?
  • How should entrepreneurs pick between competing investors?
  • What is the best way to pitch to investors?
  • How do angels and venture capitalists (VCs) generate and process their deal flow and select companies?
  • How are VCs involved in business decisions such as recruiting talent and replacing CEOs?
  • What are the important provisions of financial contracts between VCs and founders?
  • How are early-stage companies evaluated?

The course is very applied and mostly case-based. Discussions will involve the nitty-gritty details that founders and investors must know. 

The course will also host many guest speakers including founders, angels, and VCs.

Prerequisites: No prior knowledge of the VC industry is needed, however, COMM 370 and COMM 371 are required prerequisites.

Course credits:

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