COMM 486H - Advanced Topics in Investment Management

The area of investments covers a broad range of topics related to how individuals and institutions allocate capital across asset classes and individual risky securities. The topics in the course will vary according to the interests of the students and the instructor and with changes in the field of investments.

Learning objectives

The main goal of the course is to study current topics and research findings that have not been covered elsewhere in the finance curriculum. Primary resources and methods will be the study of working papers and journal articles that develop new ideas, consideration of real-world examples and practitioner experience, and student-led implementation of potential investment and trading strategies. Example course outcomes are that students can:

  • understand the roles, objectives, and strategies of different types of investors and traders.
  • evaluate the potential benefits and risks of different investment and trading strategies.
  • develop new investment and trading strategies.
  • explain one’s analysis and conclusions to other investment professionals and potential clients.

Prerequisite: All of COMM 370, COMM 371.

Course credits:

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