COMM 463 - Public Relations (formerly COMM 386R)

Public relations is the field within business that strategically develops organizational reputation. In very recent years, reputation management – based on the establishment of trust through public engagement, crisis management, and social responsibility – has developed into a top priority of global CEOs and organizational leaders.

This course will prepare you to think strategically about managing an organization’s relationships with its diverse publics to achieve its goals, fulfill its purpose, and meet its social responsibilities. The readings, lectures, discussions, guest speakers, and assignments will focus on the following key areas of public relations strategy:

  • Trust and reputation management
  • Media relations
  • Issues and crisis management
  • Stakeholder and community engagement and consultation (including Indigenous and Government relations)
  • Corporate communications
  • Events and marketing public relations

Register for this course if:

  • You are a Marketing student preparing for the significant proportion of jobs in this field that are related to public relations and communications;
  • You are in another BCom option and understand the role of public relations and reputation management in organizational success [e.g., Finance (investor relations and reputational risk valuation); OBHR (employee and stakeholder engagement); or Entrepreneurship (stakeholder engagement, marketing PR, media relations)];
  • You are completing the Sustainability and Social Impact concentration and would like to study more about stakeholder engagement, reputation management, and community building; or

Prerequisite: No prerequisites and open to all COMM students in Year 3 or higher and non-COMM students in Year 4 or higher. The assignments in this course will require strong written and oral communication skills.

Note: Formerly numbered COMM 386R. If you've completed the course as COMM 386R, you are not permitted to take it again as COMM 463 (you cannot receive credit for the same course twice).

Course credits:

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