COMM 386G - Venture Capital and Angel Financing

This course covers all the stages of investment in early stage high-growth companies, from the seed funding of a novel idea to venture capital rounds to a successful exit, be it an IPO or through M&A. The course will concentrate on how entrepreneurs and investors make important decisions at different stages. Some questions that we will discuss are the following:

  • How do angels and VCs generate and process their deal flow and select companies?
  • What are typical mistakes of entrepreneurs in raising capital and negotiating with financiers?
  • How do VC funds operate and make decisions?
  • How are VCs involved in business decisions such as recruiting talent and replacing CEOs?
  • What are the important provisions of financial contracts between VCs and founders?
  • How to value early-stage companies?

The course is for both those who want to become entrepreneurs and thus likely consumers of angel and VC financing, and those who want to pursue a career in the financial services industry. 

No prior knowledge of the VC industry is needed.

Course credits:

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