COMM 312 - Business Ethics Leadership

This course will provide practical skills for students to help the organizations they are affiliated with better manage for their values.

One skill is to identify the values of an organization, and to recognize ways that it can better deliver on its values. An important part of this skill is to develop an awareness of how organizations negatively impact vulnerable people, and to use that awareness to identify business opportunities to do better. This skill will be developed through a variety of techniques including an arts and humanities project, “ethics audits” of various products, and stakeholder role-playing,

The second skill is to develop an understanding of best practices in business ethics leadership and management. This skill will be developed through studying ongoing business news cases, reading relevant parts of the business ethics literature, and interviewing business leaders and guest lecturers.

The third skill is to develop a plan for business ethics leadership. To develop this skill the student will identify an opportunity for an organization she is affiliated with to better deliver on its values, and to develop a business plan where she can help lead the organization.

Together, these skills will empower the student to exercise leadership in business ethics no matter where she stands in an organization.

Learning objectives

The course has been developed to achieve three objectives:

  1. identify an organization's values and recognize opportunities to better manage for them.
  2. understand best practices in managing for values.
  3. develop and execute a plan in business ethics leadership.
Course credits:

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