COHR 486B - Improvisation for Leaders

This course teaches you how to use the tools of improvised theatre to strengthen your leadership. The focus is on creating leaders who are versatile and adaptive to diverse and changing environments. You will also build spontaneous, and confident leadership presentation skills. Topics include creative problem solving, presentation and status, active listening, and "Yes and"-collaborative teamwork. Focus will be put on shifting perspectives across demographic contexts. A large portion of the course is taught through hands-on exercises.

Note: Starting in 2018W, COHR 486B will be a 13-week, 3 credit course. If you took COHR 486B during or prior to 2017W, you will still only receive 1.5 credits for completion of the 6-week version of the course; you cannot retake the course to receive additional credit.

COHR 486B will not be offered in 2020W.

Course credits:

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