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Our network is made up of parents and family members that choose to be actively engaged in their student’s university experience.

When you join, you'll have access to everything you need to help your student navigate university life. This includes access to exclusive resources and events that will deepen your connection to the Sauder community. You’ll be sent key updates to keep you in the know, and have the ability to connect with parents and families alike. The students? They'll get that extra support from you that will help them transform into our next generation of business leaders.

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UBC Sauder launches new Parent & Family Network

On August 21st, we welcomed 300 new parents and guardians at the inaugural Parent & Family Network event. Dean Robert Hesley shared an update about the school and explained how the network will connect you to useful information and resources, provide invitations to exclusive events, as well as facilitate opportunities to engage with fellow parents and families. The chair of the Parent & Family Council and proud UBC Sauder alumnus, Colin Yip, shared his experiences as a parent and what it means for him to be a part of this new parent and family community. “We have the unique opportunity to create something special. I encourage you to join the network and help make your sons’ and daughters’ time at Sauder the best years of their lives.” – Colin Yip, Chair of the Parent & Family Council and BCom ’85. View photos from the event in the album below.

The Parent Orientation & Tea Event Photos, August 21st, 2017

Parent & Family Network

Welcome from Dean Robert Helsley

This is a rewarding and exciting time for our students, and their families. As the parent, grandparent or guardian of a UBC Sauder student, you too are a vital part of the school’s vibrant and diverse community of support.

Our Parent & Family Network is all about you. We believe an informed, supportive family plays an instrumental role in our students’ educational achievements and I invite you to participate in your student’s experience at UBC Sauder.

Through resources like the UBC Sauder Parent & Family Guidebook, we help families stay connected with the school. And we involve you in a way that will enrich your understanding of UBC Sauder, while empowering your student to take personal responsibility for their social and academic choices.

We continue to seek new ways to embed our values of respect, rigour and responsibility into every aspect of the school. Our hope is that our students will carry these values forward into their professional and civic lives.

We are excited to work together with you to help our students reach their fullest potential and not only go on to succeed in business but also make a positive impact on our society.

Robert Helsley
Dean, UBC Sauder School of Business
Grosvenor Professor of Cities,
Business Economics and Public Policy

Get Involved

Looking to get involved with the UBC Sauder Parent & Family Network? We have volunteer opportunities for parents and family members that range from hosting a Parent & Family event in your city, attending a UBC Sauder alumni event to being a part of the Parent & Family Council. For more information about how you can get involved, please contact Danielle Christensen at danielle.christensen@sauder.ubc.ca or 604.822.6068.

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