Math coaching

Math Coaching Drop-in Hours

In addition to PASS sessions, BCom students in first-year math courses can drop in to the CLC’s general Math Coaching Drop-in Hours for one-on-one assistance.

This service provides help on upcoming webwork questions, allows students the opportunity to work through specific concepts or problem sets with which they are struggling. It also functions as a place for students to work together on their homework in the presence of a senior student leader who can help on request.

This service is similar in nature to the support provided in the Math Learning Centre.

  • Starting the week of September 16th:  Tuesday, 2pm-3:30pm & Thursday, 10:30am-12pm
  • Location: The CLC in room 314.
  • No registration required.

More Math resources

The Math Department provides practice tests with answer keys for both midterm and final exams.

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