Math coaching

Math 105 is supported under the Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) program, that are hour-long group study sessions led by an upper-year student. The sessions offer a collaborative environment for extra revision where no grades are taken. Each session will cover material from the previous week(s) in a manner that focuses on building an understanding of course concepts and developing effective study skills.

Topics for upcoming sessions and registration can be found in each course’s Canvas Calendar.









MATH - Stoyan

11:30am - 1pm

MATH 105 - Junghee

11am - 12pm

MATH 105 - Stoyan

11am - 12pm






MATH 105 - Junghee

12pm - 1:30pm














MATH 105 -Junghee

3pm - 4pm




MATH 105 - Stoyan

4pm - 5pm


If you need assistance with Math and you are not taking MATH 105, the Math Learning Centre offers tutoring - .

More Math resources

The Math Department provides practice tests with answer keys for both midterm and final exams.

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