Sciences Po and UBC Dual Degree program

Program update

The Sciences Po and UBC Dual Commerce and Arts Degree program has been discontinued at the UBC Sauder School of Business. BCom students currently enrolled in the program can complete their Dual Degree as planned. The last intake of students started the program in September 2017. Prospective students interested in pursuing a Sciences Po and UBC Dual Degree should consider the Dual Degree offered through the UBC Faculty of Arts.

For the Dual Degree program you are required to complete the degree requirements of Sciences Po (L’Institut d’études politiques de Paris) at one of its three regional campuses in Menton, Reims, or Le Havre, and the degree requirements of UBC Sauder School of Business. Each institution manages its own degree requirements.

Degree requirements

Year 1 and Year 2 at Sciences Po

Specific requirements will vary depending on your choice of regional campus. See Le Havre, Menton, and Reims websites for details. In addition to meeting Sciences Po degree requirements, you must successfully complete the following courses to meet first year UBC Sauder degree requirements:

  • Microeconomics*
  • Macroeconomics*
  • Calculus I**
* Core Economics for 8 ECTS may be taken in substitution of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. If Core Economics was taken, an additional Economics course with a minimum credit value of  4 ECTS must be taken to make up the credit deficiency.
** If you do not have advanced placement or international baccalaureate transfer credit for UBC MATH 100 you must take Calculus I at Sciences Po to meet the UBC MATH requirement. If you do not have transfer credit for MATH 100 and do not take Calculus I at Sciences Po you must take MATH 104 at UBC.


Years 3 and 4 at the UBC Sauder School of Business

A total of 61-64 UBC credits depending on your choice of option:

Business Technology Management
General Business Management
Operations and Logistics
Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources
Real Estate


Minor in Arts, double options, and the Sustainability and Social Impact concentration

It is possible to complete a Minor in Arts, however, it may delay your graduation. Most minors require completion of 30 credits with at least 18 upper-level credits taken within the subject area of the minor. You may be able to complete this requirement by using 12 lower-level credits taken at Sciences Po with 18 upper-level credits taken in the Faculty of Arts at UBC.

Consider completing a second option in International Business (IB) as courses taken at Sciences Po can count toward language and international studies requirements, and the international experience component of IB will be met by your time studying in France. Depending on the courses you take at Sciences Po, you may be required to complete additional courses at UBC to be eligible. If you wish to pursue a second option in another subject area, you will be required to complete an additional 12-15 credits. 

To complete the Sustainability and Social Impact concentration you must complete an additional 9-12 credits.  

Continuation requirements

You must meet each institution’s continuation requirements, however, only those credits administered by the specific institution will apply towards that institution’s continuation policies.

Sciences Po - Academic regulations  

UBC - Academic regulations  


In order to receive both degrees, you must fulfill the individual program requirements for each institution’s specific degree. You will graduate from each institution only when you have completed the requirements for both programs. You may attend the convocation ceremonies of each institution and you will receive two parchments:

  • Bachelor of Commerce, University of British Columbia, and
  • Bachelor of Arts, Sciences Po

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