COMM 442 - E-Business and Supply Chain Management

Logistics and operations management decisions are basic to organizations in the production and delivery of products as well as those involved service businesses. They are strategic activities by which firms gain competitive advantage. Location, product sourcing, process design and selection, technology management, job design, layout, product flow and scheduling are some of the decisions needed to make and deliver the right product that meets customer needs, to the right place at the right time at lowest cost. The integrated management of such activities across functional business processes and across firms is supply chain management. E-Business presents new challenges as well as opportunities to the firm’s supply chain. Firms can utilize information technologies to improve its supply chain processes both within the firm and across the supply chain. This course exposes students to current management thinking and methods and strategies utilized in managing supply chains with e business.

Learning objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will:

  • be aware of core hardware and software technologies utilized in modern supply chain management.
  • be familiar with the opportunities for improvement of the supply chain through information technology.
  • have understanding of service, cost, productivity and structural impacts of the adoption of information technologies in the supply chain.
  • have the ability to evaluate the benefits, costs and investment of information technology utilized in the supply chain.

Corequisite: COMM 399.

Note: COMM 442 will no longer be offered after 2014W. It is presented here for the purpose of historical reference.

Course credits:

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