COHR 486D - Negotiation for Leaders

The course builds directly upon the negotiation concepts from COMM 292 to further investigate distributive, group, salary, and international negotiations for leaders. It integrates experiential and intellectual learning components to help students become better negotiators. It is designed to develop the sophistication to analyze bargaining and conflict relationships and to learn (through class discussion and self-assessment) about your own individual "bargaining styles" as a leader. Negotiating skills are essential to achieve leadership goals. Leaders negotiate every day with a variety of stakeholders, including their employers, supervisors, direct reports, vendors, and suppliers. More than this, however, leaders negotiate intangibles, including expectations, ideas, and responsibilities. To be effective, leaders need to acquire analytical skills to effectively plan, strategize, and discover superior solutions to their own and their organizational challenges. They also need negotiation skills to get others to accept and implement these solutions. The goal of this course is to help you develop the negotiation skills needed to meet these leadership challenges.

Note: Starting in 2018W, COHR 486D will be a 13-week, 3 credit course. If you took COHR 486D during or prior to 2017W, you will still only receive 1.5 credits for completion of the 6-week version of the course; you cannot retake the course to receive additional credit.

Course credits:

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