Job Finding Bootcamp

Looking for employment and handling career challenges is much easier when you're not alone! Get on the right track to a summer internship or graduate position with the help of the Job Finding Bootcamp.

By joining together with career coaches and fellow students who understand what you are going through, the Job Finding Bootcamp gives you an opportunity get focused and work together on achieving your career goals.

What is a Job Finding Bootcamp?

The Job Finding Bootcamp consists of a group of 15 serious job seekers, who are in it together. It is a 5 day rigorous program designed to teach you the most effective techniques of finding your next employment opportunity.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Focus your job search on things that will get you results
  • How to navigate the job market
  • Reach out to employers through phone and email
  • Prepare and practice for interviews
  • Cope with potential rejection
  • Write targeted resumes and cover letters
  • Put into action the techniques taught in COMM 202

You will also share with the group your assigned tasks daily which will benefit both you and the group. You will have each other for support, along with the guidance of a Career Coach.

Who is eligible?

Co-op, 3rd and 4th year BComs who are serious about finding a summer job, Co-op or graduate position.

How to apply?

Intake for Job Finding Bootcamps occurs in April.

The selection process will include an interview (phone or in person) to assess your motivation, interest and commitment to the program.

Be more successful in your job search

In 2015, an average of 64% of Job Finding Bootcamp participants were employed within six months!

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