Career Success Cycle

The Career Success Cycle

The Sauder Career Success Cycle is a guide to kick-starting your career. Each step includes an extensive range of resources to support you. 

There are six steps on the Cycle:

  • Assessing Self
  • Researching Options
  • Being Strategic
  • Building Your Brand
  • Getting Connected
  • Optimizing Your Future

You'll also find eLearning Modules to give you additional information.

Accessing the Cycle

If you're currently taking COMM 202, log into Connect to access the Career Success Cycle through your COMM 202 course. You'll find a link under Student Resources on the left side of the page.

Alternatively you can access the Cycle through your homepage on COOL. You'll find a link under Online Career Resources on the right side of the page.

Once in the Cycle, you can find the additional resources under each step and different eLearning Modules.

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