Practice interviewing anytime, anywhere

Want to feel more confident about your next interview?

Get prepared with InterviewStream. This easy-to-use online program will help you practice and develop your interviewing skills in a no-pressure environment. 

InterviewStream will walk you through a guided, online, mock interview process that is video-recorded.
You can then watch (and re-watch) your recorded mock-interviews to improve your body language and polish your responses. You can also share your recorded interviews via email to get feedback from others.

InterviewStream will help you build your soft skills and confidence in interviewing. 

With InterviewStream you can:

  • Choose between pre-made or custom interviews from a list of 7,000+ interview questions.
  • Record and re-watch your mock interview to assess how you perform.
  • Access a resource library with PDF files and video tips on interviewing. 

How to access

Access InterviewStream by logging into COOL. On the COOL Homepage, click Resources in the left navigation, then Online Career ResourcesThere you will find a link for InterviewStream. Once you’re on the InterviewStream site, follow the steps below:

  1. Register for a new account
  2. Select UBC as your location
  3. Log in with your CWL 

Access InterviewStream on COOL

(CWL login required)

Interview Skills Toolkit

The Hari B. Varshney Business Career Centre has designed a career toolkit to help you prepare for job interviews. Check out the Interview Skills Toolkit, created by Hari B. Varshney Business Career Centre, to learn how to craft an impactful pitch and discover strategies to approach different types of interviews. 

Access Interview Skills Toolkit

How does InterviewStream help?

"InterviewStream helped me practice interviewing and get comfortable with thinking on the spot. I was able to practice and watch my recordings to find areas I can improve on. I used it the nights before one of my interviews to help make sure I was prepared." - Garry B., OBHR Student

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