UBC Sauder Transition Team

What is the UBC Sauder Transition Team (STT)?

STT exists to help new UBC Sauder students navigate their first year on campus. The program promotes student success through upper-year peer leaders facilitating social connections, community engagement, and health and wellness initiatives with new first-year and transfer students.

What is the role played by STT?

STT is a group of well-rounded students, from diverse backgrounds who have been selected to help new students navigate their first year at university.

The abundance of opportunities and resources at UBC Sauder can be overwhelming. Finding the right balance between academics, involvement, family and friends can be daunting. Our leaders have varied goals and ambitions, and different perspectives on success and making the most out of university. They're here to offer students the guidance they need, every step of the way, as they transition to university.

How to choose a leader?

Successful relationships happen when you and your leader are the right match. When choosing a leader, think about what you want to get out of the program. Consider academic goals, career goals, social life and balance. You’ll be asked to select up to three potential matches on your registration form; choose leaders who you think will best aid your transition to university. 

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